Music Portraits is sound healing.

You will feel seen and heard.

I am Rick Erlien, a professional piano player, composer and recording artist with over 130,000 albums sold and millions of downloads.  

Music Portraits is healing and captures your essence, who you authentically are.

You will experience balance, discover your inner beauty,  harmony, confidence, inner peace and relaxation when you gift yourself or somebody else a Music Portrait.

 Music Portraits is performed and composed live

for you over Zoom or Facebook audio only.  A recording of your Music Portrait is sent to you at the end of your session.

Deepak Chopra says during these trying times, "take care of your heart".  Music Portraits helps you to do so.  Below listen to examples of Music Portraits.

"I had a very positive experience having my Music Portrait done. During our live session, Rick was professional, conscientious, and gentle. He made me feel immediately at ease with his kindness and care, and talked me through the process before beginning to play the piano. When Rick began playing my music portrait, I felt an amazing energy and aliveness in my system. The music truly felt like a representation of my essence! What an extraordinary gift to be "seen" and "heard" through music in this way. I have never experienced anything else like it, and I am so moved and affected. 


From beginning to end, the whole experience was calming, soothing, uplifting, and healing. What an incredible gift to give yourself or a loved one!"


- Sophie Lippert, concert pianist, entrepreneur, and teacher

"The first couple of minutes were startling, almost like catching a reflection in a window you weren't anticipating. It was haunting and drew me in. Then midway I had all those images of Brittany, which also had the same grip on me - as if I recognized it. The ending seemed like something I've yet to experience, almost like a glimpse of the future. "


- Melody Phaneuf - Artist -

This experience is live on Zoom or Facetime and includes a recording of your Music Portrait that will be sent to you.