Music Portraits is sound healing. And it is so easy. It is an intuitive reading of you in music, composed just for you, on the piano. And you get verbal feedback about you as well if you like. I compose beautiful music about your essence, who you are authentically. By hearing your essence in music you will experience healing, feel more balanced, discover your inner beautywhich is the secret of success, and feel more harmony, confidence, inner peace and relaxation.

You could go to a painter and have a visual portrait done of what you look like. This is a unique opportunity to go to a professional musician and have an original Music Portrait of who you are, your essence captured in music, intuitively composed and played live for you on the piano. This isn't just a capturing of what you look like, this is a capturing of your essence using sound healing, and creates personal insight, growth, and healing as a result. Click here to read more about what a Music Portrait is all about. 

This experience is live on Zoom or telephone and includes a recording of your Music Portrait that will be sent to you.  

"Wanted to say that Rick's work with Music Portraits is amazing! As a licensed acupuncturist, I am regularly introduced to new and different healing approaches. Rick's Music Portrait work is by far one of the most moving! And it was so easy! I just sat down and listened to the most beautifully composed music, just for me. My energy moved quickly...straight away I felt more balanced, relaxed, and clear headed. Thank you Rick for your beautiful gifts of music and healing."

- Leslie Deems, licensed acupuncturist

“Where a painting captures what you look like on the outside, Erlien’s compositions convey inner beauty.  Upon request he will even give you feedback on a personal quality he picks up from your presence.  The results might surprise you or reaffirm ideas you already have.  From my own session with Erlien, those close to me noticed I seemed significantly more optimistic and confident afterwards”.

- Cori Wilbur

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